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Who is Bruno Cunha?

Bruno Cunha is a phenomenal young musician from São Paulo, Brazil and a graduate of California College of Music. A talented multi-instrumentalist, producer, teacher and composer, Bruno shines brightest on the electric guitar, the primary instrument on which he possesses impeccable technical prowess, blazing speed, and beautiful phrasing. His music education has included studies at many prominent Brazilian institutions including the Universidade Livre de Música (Centro Tom Jobim), the Instituto Artístico Musical, the Ordem dos Músicos do Brasil, and UniSant'anna, among others. His father, Paulo Cunha, is also a highly accomplished Brazilian musician and the reason why Bruno started music when he was just 3 years old. Since then, Bruno has been having fun playing, learning and exploring this huge musical world.

As a performer, Bruno has been playing with several different artists and genres in Brazil and in the US. Besides performing for other artists, Bruno has 4 EP's recorded, one with love songs when he was just 16 years old, an instrumental with his group 3tento, an indie rock album with the band Indica, and a cover album with the band Avemus Rock, which his father participated as singer. Bruno has recorded guitars in many other artists as well. Since then, Bruno has created interest in the producing/composing area.

As a music educator, Bruno has taught and inspired young talents at the Knupp, Criação, Santo Adriano, Mundi Pueri, Domitiliano, and Gislaine Rosati Schools, in Brazil, and California College of Music.

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